Custom Painted Fishing Reels

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 Shimano Curado Custom Blue Fishing Reel Quantum Burst Custom White Painted Reel  Daiwa Lexa Blue Smoke Reel Shimano Curado Custom Painted Reel        Quantum Kinetic Red Lightning Painted Reel Abu-Garcia-Orra-Winch Fishing Reel Painted   

Get your reel Custom Painted

  • Reels may be painted with hydrographic film and/or airbrush with a protective clear coat on top. Many custom colors and designs available.
  • Each reel design is unique and no two reels will match.
  • Please view our photos above to get an idea of possible design schemes, you may send us a photo or link to any design to see if we might be able to match it.

We also sell New and Used painted reels or we can get you a new reel of your choice.

  • Reels sent in for painting will include cleaning as it needs to be degreased for painting followed by re-oiling and re-greasing. Paint will not stick to surfaces that may have a small amount of oil or grease on them.
  • Star drags and tension knobs can only be painted. No dipping with hydrographic film. Handle knobs will not be dipped or painted. Most knobs are EVA foam or a rubber material and paint does not stick to those types of surfaces.
  • Painting of chrome type finishes may chip and peel because chrome is generally not meant to be painted.
  • Painting may remove names, gear ratio, and other markings depending on the design. Please document this information before sending your reel in if you would like to keep letters or words.
  • You pay the shipping to us and we will pay return shipping which will be reflected in the initial price.
  • Reels may take 2-4 weeks to paint, clear coat, and dry from the time we receive them.
  • Certain Hydrographic film designs may not look as good on small objects as it would on a larger object.
    Fishing reel tend to be too small to get the look or detail of certain patterns or designs.

Please review our Terms and Service Policy and how to ship your reel.

Custom Painted Reels are $110
Describe color scheme below or you may contact us
with any further details/questions.

Describe Color Scheme - see Colors and Patterns