Custom Reel Colors and Patterns

Opaque Colors are solid colors intended to cover underlying colors and surfaces



Iridescent Colors have a shift from a lighter hue on direct views to a darker hue on side-cast views.
Works best over Opaque White or Opaque Black.



Pearlized Colors vivid pearl base colors with a shimmering effect especially when viewed in direct light.
Works best over Opaque White or Opaque Black.


Metallic's - Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Gold
(typically blue over blue, red over red, etc.)

Hydrographic film
Stock films - Smoke(Smoke is similar to Flames), Lightning, Grass Camo, Skulls 1, Skulls 2, Metal, Blend, Real Flames, and Carbon Fiber
Selecting a base color will show through some of the patterns.
If you Google search Hydrographic film in the image tab, and find another pattern you like let us know and we can get it.
($10 extra for non stock films)

Smoke over White

Smoke over Red

Smoke over Blue

Lightning over White

Lightning over Red

Lightning over Blue


Carbon Fiber

Custom Airbrush Painting.
more designs coming...

Quantum Kinetic Red Lightning Painted Reel
Red Lightning

Green Plasma